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When should you repair or replace an electric hot water tank? That is a question that has plagued many homeowners since water heaters were invented.


A humble water heater is an indispensable appliance in your home, yet we rarely think about them – or even look at them – until we have no hot water in the house. Most people tuck their hot water tanks away in a basement utility room, forgotten in the corner behind those old clothes and seasonal decorations. Yet the ol’ reliable water heater works hard daily to provide our families with the hot water we need to bathe, cook, clean, and sanitize.

Several factors contribute to the deterioration of a water heater. Eventually, they will need a replacement. Water quality, time, usage, and myriad other factors add up over the lifetime of the water tank and can cause issues ranging from temperature fluctuations and inefficiencies to leaks or even bursts.

The best-case scenario is that we catch the minor plumbing issues and remedy them before they have a chance to become predominant issues. No one wants to return from a family vacation to a flooded basement! Having your tank serviced at regular intervals will prevent the worst from happening, and it will allow us to know when it’s time for a replacement water heater.

Once the time comes to replace the water heater, there are a few factors that we must consider before purchasing. Trust our expert team to help make your water heater replacement and repair a breeze.


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How to Choose the Best Replacement Hot Water Heater?

It can seem straightforward to replace the old water tank with the same brand and size as the one presently installed for ten years but, this may not always be our best course of action. Water heater manufacturers are constantly researching and developing new technologies to increase the quality of their products. By utilizing new materials, the form, function, price, and reliability of their products skyrockets.

Although a standard 50-gallon gas water heater may have never given you any issues, a smaller yet more efficient model can likely provide the same reliability for less. Smaller, more efficient Water Heater products cost less at face value and reduce your monthly water bills. There are certainly times where a straight replacement of make and model is the best course of action, but that is something we recommend deciding after you’ve had the tank sized to meet the demand at best.

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Professional, Friendly and Reliable Oakville Hot Water Heater Installation Experts

When purchasing a new electric water heater, it is crucial to have a licensed professional size unit to meet your household needs. Ensuring it will always provide efficient, on-demand hot water when needed, without issue.

Our hot water heater installation experts will review your household’s plumbing systems, ask you questions about usage, and determine the best model to meet your needs and save you money on your energy bills. Given this situation, it is an excellent opportunity to look at other water-saving measures within the system to choose a heater that will cost less to operate and maintain over its lifetime.

Occasionally, tankless water heaters (also referred to as on-demand or point-of-use heaters) can be a solid replacement for your old tank without taking up any of the space in your basement or mechanical room. Tank and tankless heaters have their advantages and disadvantages. These differences are the reason why it is necessary to have the system designed professionally. Ask us how we can assist you in finding the right water heater for your home.


Choosing an Energy efficient Hot Water Heater and the “second price tag”

Another important factor when selecting a water heater is the efficiency of the unit. Manufacturers have been consistently developing better and more efficient products. The incentive for manufacturers is the constant demand for products, qualification for government-funded programs, and meeting the increasing requirements for energy initiatives.

It is not as simple as using old “rule-of-thumb” calculations and plugging in a heater based solely on tank size. The size of the water tank should be considered secondary to the tank first-hour rating (FHR). The FHR measures the water supply in an hour, calculated by using the tank size and recovery. This statistic lets us know how quickly (and efficiently) the tank can refill its water storage after being depleted. The worst-case scenario is when we find ourselves standing by an open tap, waiting for proper water temperatures. Do not watch your hard-earned money pour down the drain and consider all energy costs.

The “second price tag” refers to the cost of operating the gas or electric tank over its lifetime and is generally going to be a higher operation cost than your initial investment in purchasing the unit. Depending on factors such as where you live, energy rates, temperature control, time of use (off-peak versus peak), and service or repairs required, this number can be significantly higher. It is vital to select a tank that best suits the requirements of your homes and keep those factors under control.

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We know that owning a home or rental property can be expensive. The factors mentioned in the paragraph above provide all factors that determine the type of water heater you should purchase.
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